24 May 2023

tiivii and Oh! Jazz offer jazz around the world

We love travel and that is what we do with our client Oh! Jazz! Oh! Jazz and cinfo produce shows every week from 5 different countries: JazzB in São Paulo, JazzLab in Melbourne, 606 Club in London, BODY&SOUL in Tokyo, and Café Berlín in Madrid.
23 Nov 2022

tiivii launches its first commercial OTTs

tiivii already has two OTTs on the market. Both are related to the culture world and are already available to users
01 Jul 2021

Studio: advantages of tiivii’s remote production tool

20 May 2021

The Mar de Vigo Auditorium and Conference Centre implements tiivii automated production and emission system

The Mar de Vigo Auditorium and Conference Centre, 90-20 as official distributor and cinfo have reached an agreement to incorporate the tiivii automatic television production system in its facilities with the aim of covering the events held at the venue with a hybrid and high-performance approach.
03 May 2021

tiivii is used by the Centro Dramático Gallego to broadcast the play O Charco de Ulises to students in the region

tiivii has broadcast the play ‘O Charco de Ulises’, a version of the Greek classic ‘The Odyssey’ revised from the perspective of Galician emigration, by the Centro Dramático Gallego (CDG), a theatrical unit of the Xunta de Galicia, for students from more than 20 secondary schools in the region on the occasion of the commemoration of International Theatre Day.
05 Sep 2020

Italian and Japanese culture come together thanks to tiivii technology

tiivii has broadcasted a short concert of “The Barber of Seville” performed by the Bologna Opera for Japan and completed with the drawings of the manga projected on the back.