tiivii is a system that is made up of 3 main elements that allow you to broadcast any event and, through a series of additional functionalities, monetize your streamings


tiivii uses the following types of cameras and audio for its live broadcasting:

Panoramic cameras that can be used also to create several full HD virtual cameras

Fixed cameras to cover other viewing angles such as: key venue spaces, audience, benches, changing room tunnels

PTZ cameras to provide detailed plans in certain desired areas

360 cameras: Live broadcast of a 360 view of what is happening in the venue to be viewed through VR glasses

Mobile cameras: The system supports the input of any signal from an IP camera compatible with RTMP or RTSP streaming, any HDMI or SDI camera through an encoder or any NDI camera. Even the video captured by a mobile device is compatible with tiivii

Cameras connected lo LiveU equipment

Ambient microphones

Microphones for interviews

Audio encoding systems

Professional or amateur programs (android or iOs apps) for remote voiceover to send to the server in real time and integrated it into the broadcast

If you want to learn more about all the elements that make up tiivii, discover our complete software catalogue.


Within the tiivii platform we include three concepts


The player is the interface through which your event is broadcasted. tiivii can broadcast on as many players as you want simultaneously:

Your own website

Standard web players like Vimeo, Facebook, YouTube

Decoders / STBs from your television provider

Smarts TVs

tiivii Player

tiivii puts its own player at your disposal in which, in addition to giving you the highest quality, you will have an advanced system to monetize your broadcasts. You will be able to add interactive shopping elements, receive donations, conduct surveys and online voting and thus give your viewers a premium video experience.

Admin tiivii

tiivii offers you an advanced administration interface where, in a simple and intuitive way, you can:

Schedule the time you want your event’s streaming to start

Add all the graphic elements and information you want to appear in your streaming

Add the advertising content you want to appear in your streaming

Choose when you want the advertising to appear during the streaming

Access all the recordings of the finished events

Access and manage the cameras installed in your venue

Video library

All the events that you broadcast are recorded on tiivii’s platform and are at your disposal so that you can watch them again as many times as you want. In this way, you will create your own video library so that your fans can enjoy the great moments lived with you as many times as they want.