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tiivii is a product that combines Artificial Intelligence and audiovisual inputs to automate audiovisual production. Do you want to know how? Here you can learn about the software that supports the operation of our solutions and how it works.

software catalog
tiivii content manager

CMS is tiivii’s content manager, from where the applications obtain the catalog information and agenda of future events programmed by users.

It has an agile and comprehensive web interface in which content managers can edit the content that customers will enjoy and an API to connect with other platforms, or import existing content in such a way that they can, for example, migrate their current videos and content to tiivii’s CMS in an automated manner.

tiivii Users

tiivii’s Users is our user registration and recognition system, which can connect to other databases or allow a “federated” entry, using Google, Facebook or Twitter users.

tiivii Users

tiivii’s Users is our user registration and recognition system, which can connect to other databases or allow a “federated” entry, using Google, Facebook or Twitter users.

tiivii Admin

Admin tiivii is our clients’ private area where clients can launch automatic or manual events.

In Admin tiivii our clients have all the information related to their contract, their facilities, the templates to create events, the graphic media available to them, etc.

In addition, Admin tiivii is the place where the client schedules their events and has access to all the recordings of the events carried out.

Finally, it also gives you access to the hardware equipment installed in your venues.

tiivii OTT Apps

tiivii’s OTT Apps offers our clients the possibility of having a quick and agile video catalog service in Android or iOS app format, or a personalized website where they can broadcast their events.

Thus, it can offer end-user interfaces with advanced functionalities to make live streaming or OnDemand access to the content more attractive, as well as personalized according to the client’s corporate identity.

tiivii Synthetrick

Synthetrick (™) is a real-time video rendering engine that processes live or recorded video, data streams and 3D models; creates interactive audio and video output, which reacts to inputs; it encodes it and delivers it in multiple protocols to the consumer.

The player receives a single video stream with all the elements (graphics, cameras, etc.) included on it.

tiivii Autocam

Thanks to our Artificial Intelligence system, the cameras installed in the venue and our tiivii Autocam software, we can automatically track all the plays or actions that occur in the venue.

By applying different algorithms we are able to predict the movement of people and other elements of the game, such as the ball, and in this way move the cameras remotely to the correct position with smooth movements.

In this way, with tiivii Autocam we can simulate the behavior of a cameraman physically located in the venue.

tiivii Automix

tiivii Automix simulates the behavior of a human filmmaker.

Automatically makes the camera selection decisions to offer the best point of view so as not to miss any details of the event.

tiivii ScoreReader

tiivii cuenta con un software para añadir a la producción de un evento un marcador automático genérico o diseñado a medida para cada cliente.

tiivii ScoreReader es un dispositivo para conectar a la mesa de control de marcador y un software asociado para recepcionar la información vía WIFI o cable de red; ScoreReader obtiene información de equipos, el tiempo de juego, resultado, faltas, etc., es compatible con el formato estándar ACB (utilizado en la mayor parte de los marcadores del mercado)

tiivii Autoscore

tiivii has the software needed to add a generic or custom-designed automatic scoreboard for each client.

tiivii AutoScore is the functionality that recognizes the scoreboard of the playing field

  • Using a device connected to the scoreboard control table and the associated software to receive the information via WIFI or network cable; AutoScore obtains information about the participating teams, playing time, result, fouls, etc., and it is compatible with differents standards formats
  • Using computer vision, from a camera oriented to the fixed scoreboard, displaying on the screen the teams that are playing, the playing time and the result, without the need for physical connections to the scoreboard control table.
tiivii BeRT

BeRT is the software infrastructure on which the rest of tiivii’s components are deployed. It has three missions:

  1. Serves as an entry point to external systems
  2. It manages the physical or virtual hardware resources that tiivii needs to run
  3. Monitors the execution status of all the services raised

As an entry point for various tiivii components, BeRT offers an API through which these components can request the different services, from the most basic, which can be recording a remote stream, to the most complete, which can be the creation of a channel with many events.

BeRT has physical resources at its disposal; equipment, and virtual resources in the cloud on which you can launch services. At each request for a new service, BeRT locates the necessary resources for that specific service and keeps them for the time strictly necessary, later releasing them to be used in other requests.

tiivii Studio

tiivii’s Mixer is a realization table on the cloud. This production table can work in automatic mode (letting tiivii Automix and tiivii Autocam do all the work), in hybrid mode (part of the functionality in automatic and part in manual) or totally in manual (operated by one person)


This table of realization in the cloud allows us to use the following functionalities:

  • Select among the different cameras available the one to be broadcasted in the streaming
  • Manage the graphic media shown in the streaming
  • Add and create new graphic media to have them available to use during the streaming
  • Create replays to be used during the streaming
  • Manual handling of the cameras installed in the venue
  • Management of audio inputs in the production
tiivii Video Publishers

tiivii’s Video Publisher takes care of the publishing tasks of the events transmitted by tiivii. The publication consists of four phases:

  • Acquisition
  • Recording
  • Transcoding
  • Publication

The acquisition phase is the one in which Publisher receives the live or recorded streams.

The recording phase can appear at different points, always after the acquisition, but there can be a raw recording phase and another recording phase of the media once transcoded.

The transcoding phase consists of adapting the input media, live or recorded, to the profiles defined by the user. Although it is called transcoding, it can only include reencapsulation or other techniques.

The publication phase is the one in which the already adapted input media are uploaded to their final destination. The final destination can be any broadcasting point, from YouTube or Facebook, or any other social network, video platform, private website, television channels, etc.

tiivii Cloud Video Printer

tiivii’s Cloud Video printer allows us to create graphic elements in real time that are then added to your production.

With the use of APIs, tiivii is capable of integrating with statistic systems, or the person controlling the production can decide to add certain information in the production. With tiivii’s Cloud Video Printer we can generate graphic elements live to enrich the streaming and obtain a professional result.

tiivii Ads

tiivii allows you to add any graphic element to the broadcast: banners, animations, videos, etc.

Through tiivii ads you can create different graphic sets to use in your events, as well as scheduling when each element appears during the broadcast.

tiivii Remote Sources

tiivii is a totally flexible product that allows external sources to be incorporated into the live broadcasting of events

Any type of IP camera installed in the venue or even mobile phones can be used as an input signal to tiivii’s Mixer and can be used during the strraming of the event.

Also one or more commentators, either physically located on the premises or remotely connected.

For remote commentators, tiivii Remote Sources creates a low latency interface to be able to follow the game without delay and to be able to do the voiceover of the game through the interface itself or through external applications such as the Larix app. All this is integrated in tiivii’s Mixer that allows us to have complete control of the audio, and manage the volume of each commentator or include video of the commentators in the broadcasting.

tiivii user interaction analytics system

It allows you to carry out advanced analytics of how your users behave with your audiovisual content.