Modernize the way of broadcasting religious events

Broadcast live or on demand

Emite tu evento en Broadcast your event live to the whole world para todo el mundo

Automatic tracking of what happens at the altar

Generate an audiovisual library with all the special celebrations you do in your place of worship

Get closer to your community

The younger generations prefer Streaming as a way to watch events

People who no longer live in your community can continue listening to their lifelong pastor

Sick people who cannot go to church can continue to attend their religious events

And much more

Receive donations from people who watch mass remotely with tiivii’s interactive player

Create special memories for your community. They will be able to broadcast and record their weddings, baptisms, communions and have a memory forever

Economical and simple system. With a single camera you can broadcast everything that happens in your place of worship

Who is tiivii useful for

Churches, synagogues and mosques




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