2023: an important year for cinfo

And first things first. We want to show our gratitude to all customers and partners who rely on us. We will remain committed to developing the best technology at the intersection of video and artificial intelligence.

Service to local communities will continue to be one of our priorities. Thanks to everyone’s support we have grown 21.9% to €5.05M. And we have also done it profitably, with a gross profit of 10% of revenue.

Artificial Intelligence for music, operas and theaters

With the support of the Spanish Ministry of Digital Transition, we are already developing a €2.4M project to create artificial intelligence for music festivals, operas and theaters, in order to automate audiovisual productions in those segments. This project includes making extensive use of 5G networks, not only for production, but also in the planning stage, in the pre-sales stage and in the participation of attendees in the production using 5G devices. We are collaborating with large festival promoters to define use cases within this project. Contact us!

Evolving. New versions of tiivii Automated production and tiivii OTT platform

We have published a new version of the tiivii Automatic Production and tiivii OTT products. These new versions introduce new features and improved video quality mechanisms. With tiivii and 5G, any type of publisher, from a sports club to a music venue, an educational center or a conference hall, can create high-quality audiovisual productions by simply installing a few cameras and relying on a production platform in the 5G cloud. This product is ready for resale on any 5G telco in the world.

Digital Remote Production Center: tiivii as a service

In 2024 we will launch what we call our Remote Production Center. This is a physical facility that governs remote audiovisual productions using tiivii technology. We will invest in this project to be able to provide tiivii services on a rental basis, including the capital expenditure associated with the installation of fixed cameras, together with remote speakers, procucers and graphic artists. This project has a pan-European coverage, so if you want to be a partner of it, get in touch with us!
Taking advantage of this news, we renew our invitation to television operators and telecommunications companies to explore the opportunity to obtain new revenues in partnership with grassroots sports. There are many opportunities with Sports Federations and local governments in Spain and throughout Europe. Let’s talk!

New VAS services for your OTT

We have released new VAS services for our OTT platform, such as automatic subtitles, automatic mini trailer generation, AI-powered cover generation and new content catalog manager.

More than 40 new contracts

We have obtained more than 40 new contracts that include new developments for pay television set top boxes, OTT platform deployments, multimedia platforms for people with disabilities, personalized tiivii services for local governments, app development for sports and health, IoT implementations, AI video analysis for industrial cases and smart cities…

We are specialists in video, in its production, in its management and in the application of AI to video. An extraordinary and creative market that continues to grow.

11 Jun 2024

The Real Federación Gallega de Fútbol and Cinfo come together to launch the Galician Sports television

The RFGF and Cinfo have announced at the “O Camiño do Futgal” congress the signing of an agreement to launch the Galician sports television during the 24-25 season. 
06 May 2024

redondela OTT launch

Redondela’s City Council has renewed its entire digital offering. It has launched a new website, a citizen app, a new multimedia OTT platform, and has equipped several of the city’s sports venues with an automatic production system based on cameras controlled by Artificial Intelligence.
15 Feb 2024

tiivii, cinfo’s automatic production platform, will be used by R and the Vilagarcía city council for the broadcasting of sports events with 5G.

The city council of Vilagarcía de Arousa in Pontevedra and R have reached an agreement to develop a project based on 5G technology for recording and broadcasting sports events (‘videostreaming’) in real-time. This state-of-the-art service will be implemented at the municipal stadium of A Lomba through the automatic and remote production system with 4K video capabilities tiivii.