Broadcast concerts, plays, dance or any show live or on demand on your own television channel

Broadcast live or on demand

Broadcast your show live and record them for later playback on demand

Cloud Studio and cameras operated remotely by joystick so that you can choose the best angle to broadcast

Add any type of graphics or videos to the broadcast

New ways of income generation

New sponsorship opportunities for brands and artists

New ticket sales models

Build your own subscription business – we provide you with a turnkey OTT

Improve fan experience

Multi-device, 360o broadcast or multi-camera to allow viewers to choose the view they want to watch

Generate content automatically and quickly to publish on social networks instantly and grow your followers

Generate premium content such as backstage views, and discussions between artists and remote audiences

And much more

Record your rehearsals and share it with the director, actors, musicians…

Generates an audiovisual library for the artists or VIP fans

Who is tiivii useful for

Concert halls

Theater halls

Ministries and councils of culture

Show promoters


Pay TV platforms



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tiivii Studio

tiivii Studio

tiivii Prime

tiivii Prime

tiivii Single

tiivii Single