Generate much more content with automatic and remote production and boost your OTT strategy

100% automatic or remote production

Cloud Studio and cameras operated remotely by joystick so that you can choose the best angle to broadcast

Add live announcements or any type of graphics and videos to the broadcast

Remote post-production tool

Save and simplify

It is no longer necessary to move media and equipment to event venues

With remote realization you can produce more events

Save paperwork to access the sites

New types of content to increase the engagement of your viewers

Be the first to make the content available: system available 24 hours

Long-term broadcasting

Generate content automatically and quickly to publish on social networks instantly

And much more

360º or multi-camera broadcasts to allow viewers to choose the view they want to watch

Incorporate any type of camera and even mobile phones to your broadcast

Generate an audiovisual content library

Who is tiivii useful for

Content producers

Televisions that wanted to create new content or maximize their presence on the internet

Operators who want to diversify their content

Public administrations that want to produce institutional content or a local channel

OTT platforms

Pay TV platforms

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